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Cars on Mars - they exist

10/12/2015 19:25:47
In the film "The Martian" the protagonist travels on the red planet with a big car. At first glance - it is pure fiction. But...

In the film "The Martian" the protagonist travels on the red planet with a big car. At first glance - it is pure fiction. But...
An achievement in the "motorization of the Moon" took place in July 1971, when on satellite landed American expedition "Apollo-15" with the vehicle Lunar Roving Vehicle or "moon runner". With these vehicles astronauts could ride on the moon, and over long distances - during the last expedition "Apollo 17," he managed to pass a total of 35.9 km and a maximum speed was 18 km / h.
In July 1997, to the moon has been sent American Sojourner. If the Soviet prop-M had "legs" with the skis, which could step, the US unit had already wheels. Sojourner was able to work for about 2 and a half months and sent to the earth about 550 photos. But in 2004, the Americans sent to Mars the Spirit and the Opportunity units. They were able to drill on Mars first wells and trenches. 
August 6, 2012 turned out to be the machine Curiosity on Mars. It can drill, cut, laser burn, spend a lot of analysis to do color photos and shoot videos. Now it is assumed to sent to Mars equipment, residential units, batteries and so on. And only then the man can come to the planet.
In addition, Curiosity got a new type of fuel - instead of conventional solar cells are the main source of power is plutonium-238. It is said that 4.5 kg of this substance is enough for fourteen and a half years!


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